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The best ways to share reviews on Instagram (that will make you look like a pro)

If reviews are an important part of your marketing toolbox, then you’re likely wondering how to showcase those hard-earned stars on the photo sharing platform, Instagram.

Although Instagram is a fundamentally different platform than Google or Facebook, where reviews can easily be shared to existing and new customers, there are ways to do it.

And! Since Instagram is a visual-first social media platform, sharing reviews here means they need to look good. Thankfully, there are ways to share reviews that will make your company look pro-fesh-to-death (and by that I mean professional).

Curious? Let’s hop to it and start sharing those reviews to IG.

We’ll start with easy solutions and move into the more advanced stuff.

1. Use the URL space in your Instagram profile to link to your reviews.

If you have a NiceJob account, you can link your microsite or reviews page on your website directly in the profile of your instagram account. Then, in your posts or stories you can direct your audience to hit the link in your bio to see more customer reviews.

2. Screenshots to the rescue!

With this method, you are taking a screenshot of a review and posting that picture to your Instagram feed or story.

A couple of things to keep in mind when you do this:

  • The size of your review will likely not be in the square shape that Instagram loves. So if you are going to take a screenshot of a review to share on Instagram, consider reshaping it using a photo editing tool first.
  • Captions are still important. The review may speak volumes about your business, but you can use the Instagram caption as an opportunity to give context to the review and thank the person who left it. You can also use this opportunity to explain why reviews are important to your business, softly encouraging others to leave reviews in the future. (wink 😉)
  • Add the review as a 2nd or 3rd image of a post. If you took photos of the work you completed, consider adding these photos to your Instagram reel and include the screenshot of the review as testimonial. The images of the completed work will give onlookers a chance to see your quality services + the review will highlight how happy your customer was with the finished product.

3. Create an Instagram highlight where your reviews can live.

If you are sharing images of your reviews to Instagram stories, you can create a highlight on your profile where your reviews can live permanently.

If potential customers are visiting your Instagram profile they may view this highlight to see the collection of reviews you’ve posted over time.

4. Create eye-catching graphics with your reviews

Knowing that Instagram is all about the pretty pictures (and the captions), it’s worthwhile to turn your reviews into visually appealing images. There are many simple-to-use and free tools that can help you create graphics that will be suitable for Instagram. Canva, for instance, is a great option.

Here's how we do it:

NiceJob review left by Patriot Services

And here's some other great examples out there:

Review example from Tech Ladies Instagram
Review example from Bench Accounting posted to Instagram

5. Encourage your customers to share reviews or feedback for your service on their Instagram accounts.

This is a long-game strategy. But, if you can get your customers to share reviews of your work to their own Instagram networks, it’s like amplifying word-of-mouth. Don’t forget to ask them to tag your account when they post so you can re-share to your profile!

Here's an example of a NiceJob user posting a shout out to their own Instagram story:

Instagram story from Absolute DCC about NiceJob software

And some other examples from small businesses who have received customer reviews via Instagram stories:

Instagram Story from Valley Pressure Washing
Instagram story from Fish Window Clean

And there you have it!

There are 5 ways to share your hard-earned stars to Instagram while making sure you’re honoring the visual nature of this social media platform.

At the very least, you can add a link to your profile or you can go all-in and create some sweet graphics.

At the end of the day, sharing your reviews on any social media platform will solidify your reputation and help bring in more business for your company.

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