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All About Convert Websites

We do two main things really well, help your SEO, and convert more leads from your website traffic. Here’s how.

Rank Higher in Search Engines. Better SEO.

Custom Code, written in code structure

Convert websites are build using custom code written using code structure. was founded by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex to provide a shared vocabulary for naming different pieces of code to be easier found in search. Content found on our websites will be more easily found in search engines to help you rank higher, because our websites are built using 

Our websites are also far more customizable to customer needs because it is custom code, unrestricted by the constraints imposed by drag-and-drop editors like Wordpress, Weebly, and Wix. This further allows you to rank higher in search because the design will be better and more unique. 

User-generated-content (reviews published to your website)

You can think of SEO for a website a little bit like a bird flapping its wings; if you’re not putting out new content or updating existing content (flapping), it’s not going to go higher. If the website isn’t updating content or adding new ones on a consistent basis, such as through a blog, it’s like a bird that is in the air but isn’t flapping; it’s going to fall in the rankings. Websites that are not updated regularly with new content will gradually rank lower over time, because Google wants to show users content that is the most relevant content to them.

With Convert, reviews you get through NiceJob (and all other reviews you get or had previously), can be automatically published to your website. This is considered “user-generated-content” by Google and other search engines and because it’s other people doing this and not the webmaster, it’s actually a bigger flap than if a website owner were to update a similar amount of content yourself.

Convert website owners may sometimes benefit from also running a blog to be able to also put out more content, but only because SEO isn’t just dependent on what a website owner is doing on and off their website, it’s also dependent on what competitors are doing as well. You can think of this like a race. If you’re racing against someone who is doing a leisurely jog (not running a blog, not doing much SEO stuff, etc.) then to beat them in the rankings you don’t have to go that much faster (do more SEO than them), but if that person is running at full sprint to beat you you’re going to have to invest much more heavily into matching and beating them.

In most cases, it is unlikely that you need a blog if you’re a small service provider, but it is important to understand the competitive environment you’re in to determine that. In most cases where a blog is needed however, Convert websites can have one added, and even going to the local university and hiring a part time marketing student to run it for you should be a cost effective and more than sufficient for your needs.

Current SEO & Domain Name are not negatively affected

Convert websites will take your existing domain name and port it over to the new Convert website when it is completed. No existing SEO is lost from this process. In general, Convert websites will usually rank higher, or at bare minimum the same as before from this process. Search rankings will not be negatively affected from this.

Because SEO is about “domain name authority”, that is how relevant your website is for specific keywords you rank in, and not about the specific website itself, any SEO backlinks or content you’ve created will continue to boost your SEO after you’ve switched your website to Convert but kept the same domain name.

Mobile optimized

Google is increasingly ranking websites not by their desktop rankings, but by their mobile rankings, a reflection of the fact that most website browsers are done through mobile now.

Convert websites are mobile optimized and will thus be able to take advantage of how Google is focussing on show mobile-first content to website visitors.

Read this article for more details.

Search Optimized Content Writing

All content we write for your website can be optimized for the keywords you’re targeting in your area and for your business. When Google and other search engines look at your website to decide what keywords it should rank for and how to rank them, it’s not a person sitting behind a computer and making these decisions, it’s programs that scrape the web and the content on your website to decide what is and isn’t a relevant keyword for it to be found in search.

Because our content is written in this makes your content more easily found, and because we have this structure, the content we write for your website will have every and all headers, body text, links, alt tags, metadata, and all that other techy stuff, optimized for keywords relevant to your business.

Simply put, the content we write helps you rank higher in search and gets you more organic traffic to your website, which Convert then helps turn into leads.

Incredible User Experience

Convert websites are beautiful, simple, and have high conversion rates. This helps Convert websites rank higher.

Google is trying to show users the most relevant content for their search, and uses signals like these (good user experience, and high engagement for users such as through conversions) to determine that.

+ Standard NiceJob helps your SEO too

If there were two companies on Google who were basically the same, but one had 100 reviews and the other had 5, which one do you think would rank higher? - Reviews account for about 12% of SEO, which is a huge margin given there are literally thousands of different factors that affect your SEO.

Additionally, recent and higher ranking reviews have a greater effect. Similar question again: If there were two companies on Google who were basically the same, but one had 100 recent and five-star reviews and the other had 100 mostly older and lower rated reviews, which one do you think would rank higher?

Google’s job is to provide relevant content for users searching for web content on their platform, so it uses signals like these to determine relevance.

Making yourself relevant to a user is the heart of SEO.

Higher Conversion Rates. More Leads.

Although SEO and better search rankings are great for getting you more traffic to your website, it’s hardly the most important thing and is not our main focus with Convert websites. You can get people to your website lots of ways, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Facebook ads, tradeshows, coupons given to complementary providers, etc.

Pays for Itself, or Costs Nothing (guaranteed conversion)

Most service websites get between 2-4% of website visitors converting into new leads, such as people who request to be contacted, leave their info, request an estimate, etc. Convert websites on average tend to get between 6-10% of website visitors converting into new leads, a rate so high in comparison we named the product after it. Our high conversion rates allow us to give every customer a guaranteed rate or they don’t pay.

We give every customer a guarantee that unless they get a minimum 4% conversion rate with their Convert website, or at least 10% better than what they were getting before (whichever is higher), they don’t pay for Convert until they do.

Comparably good website design firms will  cost you several thousand dollars to build your website and in most cases won’t even manage it for you. We manage your entire website for you,  make any changes you wish for no additional cost, while keeping your website converting highly, and we do all this for a fraction of comparable providers because we make our money back in continuing to provide you with lots of value and  great service.

There are no contracts because we believe if you’re using a web service like ours, you should stay because you want to stay, not because you have to, and to give you the comfort of knowing we’re on top of making sure your website stays highly converting - we don’t get paid otherwise!

If the lifetime value of one customer is worth even just $1200 (either all at once or over repeated business, and for most service businesses it’s much higher), then if you get just one more customer from using Convert it pays for itself for the entire year.

How big of an impact on your business would getting 2-3x more leads from your website?

It's the Last Website You'll Ever Need

The usual website purchase cycle goes a little something like this. You pay several thousand dollars for a website that the design agency will usually not even manage for you (or will charge you crazy amounts of money to do so), and then a couple years later your website is out of date and needs an upgrade, costing you yet another several thousand dollars. No guarantees on a certain percentage of your website visitors becoming new leads. No dedicated web manager to completely take it off your hands. Costs you way more money.

With our Convert website product once you pay for the initial build and setup, it’s just the small monthly management fee and we’ll keep your website always converting at the minimum 4%, compared to the industry average of 2-4%, or you don’t pay. Our sites on average do between 6-10%. Because of this, if your site ever does become outdated and needs an upgrade, we upgrade and update it for you free of cost. It’s all part of our ongoing management, and the reason we do it is because as mentioned before, if we don’t, we don’t get paid.

As web design trends change so too does your website need to as well. With Convert, you’ll never have to worry about that, we take care of it.

Ultimate Social Validation

With Convert websites all your reviews are displayed on an easy to view “reviews page” where visitors can see all your reviews from your different review sites. Visitors can even click on individual reviews to see them on the site they were left.

If you’ve ever seen a “testimonials” page or reviews in quotes on someone’s website before you know that they always look like they were written by a web designer, not a real customer.

That’s because they were, and people don’t trust them nearly as much as reviews left on actual review websites (like Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor, etc,) as a result.

With Convert your reviews are automatically published to your website showing visitors that these are real things real people are saying about your business. It’s the ultimate social validation, and allows you to make your great reputation known to convert more website visitors into customers!

Clear Calls-to-Action

NiceJob websites clear out the clutter of other clickable buttons and distracting as much as possible to draw focus to what you actually want website visitors to do on your website - convert into leads.

Highly visible calls-to-action (lead capture forms, free estimate and contact buttons, etc.) make it easy for website visitors to request your services, and constantly answer the question “what now?” for your website visitors.

A great piece of business advice to live by is “make it easy for people to give you their money”. Convert websites do that.

Makes all your other Marketing More Effective & Efficient

Virtually all marketing campaigns you run from pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, to ads on Facebook and other social media, to even an ad in a magazine or over the radio, direct people to your website. People check out a service before they consider using it, and the way they do that is by going to its website. If that website isn’t converting as high as it could be, that means all of your other marketing activities are running inefficiently, and it’s costing you business.

Because Convert websites convert so highly, you’ll be able  to spend less money on any other marketing activities to get the same results and more business.

Tracks Conversions & Web Traffic

If you’re not tracking how many leads and visitors you’re getting from your website you’re kind of flying blind when it comes to your marketing. Convert websites come with a simple dashboard in your NiceJob app that allows you to see how many people are coming to your website and track your conversion rate for leads you’re getting from that. You’ll know if it’s accurate too because these are real people who are contacting you or requesting to be contacted.

Naturally Upsells Your Other Services

Think back to 2004 and earlier and you might recall that the standard website layout was a short homepage with lots of links to different pages.

Fast forward to 2018 and beyond and most website visitors find your business through their phones. It makes sense; it’s easier and more convenient, so much so they can even be on the bus or sitting on the toilet and still be able to be checking out your website and considering your services.

The problem is that on a mobile device you can’t have lots of different links to different pages on the homepage, because either the menu will take up the whole screen or they’d be hard to find or disruptive to the flow of the website. Instead, the style nowadays is to have long-form single page websites (as well as some other long form pages if necessary, like for your reviews, or any landing pages you might need) that are easy to scroll through on a phone.

Convert websites are built in this style, and this comes with the added benefit of visitors stumbling upon services you offer that they didn’t even know they wanted, all because it’s on the same page as the service they came for.

Great user experience on every platform

Website visitors will have a great customer experience on Convert.

Convert websites are optimized for mobile devices and look great on both desktop and mobile. Call-to-actions and any content users are looking for is nicely laid out to be easy and quick to find, and customers will feel great about your business while doing it.

Compelling, Benefits Driven Content

The content we write for your Convert website isn’t just optimized for ranking in search, it effectively sells your business. People don’t buy a can of Coca-cola for the aluminium can and liquid, they buy it for refreshment, just as your customers will be refreshed by all the benefits and solutions to their problems your Convert website’s content will focus on.

Professional & Reliable Look

You do great work, so your brand should look as good as the quality of work it represents. Convert websites are beautiful, and completely customized to represent your brand in the best way possible.

With a high quality looking brand via Convert websites, you’ll be able to charge more for your services, attract more job applicants to work for you and grow your business, and if you desire, eventually be able to sell your business, attract more investors, or even start your own franchise. Give your community a brand they can trust with a Convert website designed just for you.

By using Convert for your website you’ll never have to worry about it again; we manage everything for you so you can work on your business, not in your business.

If getting more leads from your website and improving your brand image is a priority for you then sign up for Convert today!

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