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Announcing NiceJob’s new Integration Partner, FieldPulse!

Manage your business anywhere, anytime.


NiceJob is incredibly excited to announce our newest partnership with FieldPulse! Now FieldPulse users can be automatically collecting reviews from their customers. This works anytime they close a job in FieldPulse.

You can literally be doing nothing different than what you’re doing right now if you’re a FieldPulse customer — and NiceJob will just start generating reviews for you. It's that easy. No manual data entry whatsoever.

This is a perfect opportunity to put in place an automated solution to most of your business management problems. Even if you’re not a FieldPulse customer but you’re a service business using (or not using) NiceJob, this is the app for you.

Why Reviews?

Whenever someone leaves you a review on Facebook that person’s friends get a notification saying that they recommend YOUR business.

This is incredibly powerful especially when you realize that the reviewer’s friends are likely of a similar demographic and psychographic as they are. If you have a few wealthy clients that bring you a lot of business, a review from one of them will reach their wealthy friends to bring you even more of these customers. Think of how would that affect your business.

It's like word of mouth, only 1000x more powerful.

Reviews on Google and other sites generate new traffic for your business as well. Tools like FieldPulse allow you to capture that business with online booking, invoicing, scheduling and more.

Why FieldPulse?

With NiceJob you’ll get more customers. With FieldPulse you’ll keep them. FieldPulse was built to a be a fully-featured contractor software hub.

You can schedule, dispatch and manage your team’s jobs anywhere, anytime.

You can create beautiful, itemized estimates and invoices as well as easily send them to customers and get paid online.

And, you can stay on top of all of your customers and opportunities while keeping team members accountable with employee time tracking and GPS locations.

It’s everything your service business needs to succeed (with the NiceJob integration of course)!

How to Learn More

Interested in learning more about how FieldPulse and NiceJob work together so you can be automating your business? Message us in the blue bubble on this page or go to either of our websites and message us there.

As a special gift, FieldPulse is also offering NiceJob customers their first month of FieldPulse for only $1 if you sign up by the end of this week, so act fast!

We are so excited to be able to offer this integration to our users, so we hope you’ll try it!!

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