Most savvy business owners realize customer experience is one of the best areas to focus on. It helps with retention, referrals and growth.

The customer experience begins from the moment a consumer learns of your business.

It might be through search, social media, advertising, or online reviews. 

Once your brand is on the radar of a consumer, it’s a series of small signals that influence whether they choose to do business with you and become a customer.

It’s not only the direct interaction between a customer and the company, it also includes indirect contact, from invoicing, packaging, referrals and reviews.

There are many aspects that can make a first impression of a business, from how you answer the phone to providing a quote, these moments can all influence moving a consumer towards becoming a customer.

Creating a strong customer experience helps with reputation management, loyalty, and builds equity for a brand. 

Even if you’re a one-man operation, your company is still a brand. 

It’s not what you say it is, but what others say, and word of mouth referrals and reviews are powerful.

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