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Top Books to Read to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Most savvy business owners realize customer experience is one of the best areas to focus on. It helps with retention, referrals and growth.

The customer experience begins from the moment a consumer learns of your business.

It might be through search, social media, advertising, or online reviews. 

Once your brand is on the radar of a consumer, it’s a series of small signals that influence whether they choose to do business with you and become a customer.

It’s not only the direct interaction between a customer and the company, it also includes indirect contact, from invoicing, packaging, referrals and reviews.

There are many aspects that can make a first impression of a business, from how you answer the phone to providing a quote, these moments can all influence moving a consumer towards becoming a customer.

Creating a strong customer experience helps with reputation management, loyalty, and builds equity for a brand. 

Even if you’re a one-man operation, your company is still a brand. 

It’s not what you say it is, but what others say, and word of mouth referrals and reviews are powerful.

The following are a few recommended reads for businesses interested to learn more about how they can improve their customer experience.

The Power Of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact

5 Ways Small Business Can Use Customer Experience to Win

5 Tips on Scaling Customer Experience To Win and Nurture Customers

8 Examples of Businesses Going the Extra Mile to Win Customer Engagement & Loyalty

How Customer Experience Can Drive More Sales

Customer Service Matters Much More Than You May Think

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