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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Customer Reviews Stand Out With NiceJob

We’re excited to announce the latest features to NiceJob: all-new review microsites, upgraded stories widget and trust badge to best highlight your hard-earned reviews.

What does this mean for you? With these new NiceJob features, we're giving you 4 easy ways to make your reviews stand out, highlighting customer trust and satisfaction.

1. Highlight your hard-earned reviews using our all-new microsites

You do great work. It’s time more people know that. The NiceJob platform now includes redesigned lead-generating microsites. Plus, it’s *free* for all NiceJob users.

  • Featured stories highlight your exceptional work.
  • Cleaner design that brings focus to your reviews and customer stories.
  • Faster and improved page structure to help you show up on Google.

Why does this matter to you? More potential customers will see your reviews, and you'll win more sales. Yeah!

2. Showcase your best reviews on your website using the upgraded Stories widget

1000’s of companies show off their customer stories on their website using NiceJob’s stories widget, creating social proof that drives sales. We’ve made customer stories easier to share, faster to load, and a whole lot better looking😎

  • Redesigned to help your customer stories and reviews look slick.
  • Easier for website visitors to share your reviews for greater word-of-mouth.
  • 5x faster for improved visitor experience.

Why does this matter to you? Your website visitors will see your great work, backed by other customers. This social proof will help you win more sales.

If you do not have your stories widget set up yet, please follow these instructions.

3. Put the spotlight on your reputation with an improved Trust Badge

Your customers trust reviews. Adding NiceJob’s improved trust badge to your website provides a quick credibility check for your website visitors, winning their trust.

  • All-new design to show off your great reputation.
  • Display reviews from more review sites.
  • 5x faster for an improved visitor experience.

Why does this matter to you? Trust is a major factor when a potential customer is considering exchanging their money for your services. Win their trust using NiceJob’s improved trust badge, and win more sales.

4. Know who your fans are with improved smart review features

NiceJob is the only reputation marketing platform that matches your incoming reviews to your customers so you can really know who your fans are. With improved features like customer matching and review campaign filters - you’ll be able to collect more reviews from your customers with ease.

  • Match incoming reviews to existing customers with greater accuracy.
  • See which of your customers are enrolled in any given review campaign.
  • A better experience for your customers helping ensure they don’t get reminders after they’ve already left a review.
Did you know: the more reviews you have + your average star rating + how recent those reviews are all contribute to how Google determines whether to show your business to potential customers.

Why does this matter to you? The NiceJob reputation marketing platform just got smarter, we'll help you automate your review collection process allowing you to collect more reviews with ease (in turn helping Google showcase your business to more potential customers👌).

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