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3 Ways to Fix Negative Online Reviews

Many businesses live, breathe and thrive based on review star ratings, and negative reviews can have a real impact on how well a business does. At some point, all businesses can expect negative reviews, but there are some options for reputation management worth exploring.

86% of consumers who have read negative reviews claimed that the information impacted their buying decision.

3 ways to fix negative reviews using reputation management

1. Reconsideration:

If you’re able to fix the issue with the customer, ask them to reconsider their negative review. Only do so if you feel the customer is satisfied with your efforts to resolve the issue. If they aren’t satisfied with your efforts then it’s best to keep silent. In those instances where you're able to turn the customer around and they did provide follow up comments, these can be a real advantage to your review profile as the visibility demonstrates your commitment and eagerness to please your customers. Most businesses experience negative reviews at some point, but not all take the time or effort to make their customers happy. In most cases, you should reply to all reviews. This includes responding to negative reviews, for the sake of trying to correct any issues or turning the matter around so your customer is satisfied.

Four or more negative reviews can push 70% of your potential customers to your competitors.

2. Reconciliation

Sometimes, even after great effort to 'fix' a situation for an unhappy customer, there isn't anything that will completely resolve it. In cases like this, reconciliation can demonstrate an effort on your part, even if a positive outcome wasn't reached. At this point, explain the circumstances, own up to it and apologize. How you respond to a negative review matters, not only to the customer at hand, but to all other potential customers reading how the situation plays out online. This effort to restore faith in the unhappy customer can still signal something positive to other potential customers.

86% of consumers say buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews.

3. Removal

In some instances, you might come across fake reviews. You know them when you see them, and for many sites it’s a case of reporting or flagging them for removal.

** Consider that negative reviews can help you identify opportunities or shortcomings of your product or service, which allows you to improve your business. When specifics like these are shared, it’s like a blessing in disguise. Most customers don’t vocalize their issues, they move on without a word. Those that share their opinion are providing insight to improve your business.

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